Checking In


We know we’ve been a bit quiet lately and we apologize for that. There hasn’t been too much in the way of exciting news…so we’ve just been minding our business. That said, we hope to get out soon and do some recon on the new 50 mile option. As it stands we’re thinking about just doing repeats on Oriole…

Kidding. We would never do that, but the thought certainly crossed our minds.

In other news, the postcards are coming in. Yes, its ahead of our typical schedule, but if you’re feeling it, go ahead and drop it in the mail. Here is the address and info…in case you need it:

Chris Skogen

c/o Penn Cycle

3916 W Old Shakopee Rd

Bloomington, MN 55437

Don’t forget to put your email address and your desired event on the card. We promise we won’t sell your info.

That’s all for now!

Christopher Skogen