08.21.18 - Update on Courses

We just received our first two postcards for the 2019 Almanzo events. With that, we figured there’s no better time to announce that we will be adding a new event to the already incredible list of distances. 

People of the bikes, meet Malanzo.

Malanzo, meet the people of the bikes. 

Yep, a 50 miler. We don’t know the route yet exactly, but we’re considering repeats on Oriole. 

To summarize:

Four events in 2019.

50 miles
100 miles
162 miles
380 miles

Also, per some feedback we got over the weekend, we will likely be moving the start time of the Alexander to midnight. This should accommodate safer travels through Prairie du Chien.

That’s all for now. 


p.s. As far as the name goes, here's the story: Eight or nine years ago a friend of mine used to give me a hard time about the name Almanzo because I was always telling him how people would frequently get the pronunciation wrong. His version of a hard time was intentionally calling the Almanzo the Malanzo. So, this one is for you Mike!



I am writing today to inform the cycling public that I am taking back the reigns of Almanzo. 


For those that aren’t familiar, the Almanzo is a collection of free-to-enter gravel road cycling events that take place annually in Spring Valley, Minnesota, on the first weekend after Mother’s Day. The events began in 2007 when 12 folks gathered their bicycles together in a park near downtown Rochester, Minnesota to ride their steeds 100 miles west to Mankato, Minnesota. In the years that followed, the event grew exponentially and eventually moved to the city of Spring Valley, where it has remained ever since. 


In 2014, I stepped away from the event and handed it over to the Tourism Committee (Kathy Simpson) in Spring Valley. With help from Penn Cycle (an organization that I currently oversee), Kathy continued to produce events that brought people from all over the country.


After the event this year (2018), Kathy and Penn had some difficult conversations about the time and the stress that producing these events creates. Both parties declared that the strain was too much to continue. For disclaimer purposes (and to anyone familiar with producing large cycling events), the amount of work required to make them happen is incredible. I have known this all along and I am incredibly grateful to Kathy and Penn for their efforts over the last four years, as they have kept the spirit of Almanzo alive and have gone to amazing lengths to preserve what was originally my vision. 

That said, Kathy has decided to take a step back this year. In her absence, I cannot see another person more capable of taking control of these events than myself. I am rested and I am ready to make Almanzo more accessible and more amazing than ever before. 


From day one the purpose of this event was to get people on bicycles and encourage them to push themselves beyond what they previously thought they were capable of. That has never changed and never will. Here we go.

Always my best,

Chris Skogen