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Posted by Chris Skogen On February - 29 - 2012

Here at Almanzo we're big fans of the motto, 'run what ya brung' and in no way would we ever encourage anything else. That said though, if you're in the market for a new rig (especially one that crushes the rock) be sure and check these guys out. We've been riding the RXC since late last Fall and absolutely love it. Quick, stiff and responsive, this thing handles like a dream. Whether it's steel, aluminum or carbon that gets you out of bed, Raleigh has something that will to fit your needs. Maybe it's the RXC or the Roper? Maybe your a high style kind of person and it's the International or the Militis? Don't believe us? Go and test ride one today and see for yourself.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A second sample post to see how everything will look and to see how far the body of text will move over toward the photo. I think it's working rather well, I'm just not certain as to the final layout.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A sample post to see how everything will look


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I know you're out there...

Posted by Chris Skogen On 10:13 AM
Well, I spent the morning with a little bit of this,

and a whole lot of this,

All in all, the roads looked pretty good. There were some big holes, but nothing that couldn't be easily navigated by bicycle. It looked like there was a small amount of new gravel in place, but for the most part, the roads were pretty smooth and wicked fast. That is about all for the road conditions as of right now. I will keep you updated as race day gets closer so that everyone can be prepared to make the appropriate wheel/tire/bike selections.

About the course itself:
There is only going to be ONE area on the course where riders can meet their support crew. Since the course goes through a section of Spring Valley that offers no park(or parking) space, each rider may meet there support crew ANYWHERE inside the Spring Valley city limits. While your support crews may be spread out, there will be a race volunteer permanently positioned along the course in Spring Valley to hand out second section course maps. Also note that this ONE and ONLY checkpoint will be located at the 65 mile mark. The cut-off for reaching this point is going to be 7 hours (3 o'clock). If you do not make the checkpoint before the cut-off time you will be disqualified from the event. Questions? Now is the time to get them in.

4 Response to "I know you're out there..."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks for doing all this:
    1.) Where does the race start in Rochester
    2.) Is there a pre-race meeting or what time to you advise the riders to show-up (I am as usual burning too many candles, so I need to plan in advance...)
    Best regards,


  2. Chris Skogen Said,

    The race is going to start and finish at Bicycle Sports in Rochester. Start time is sharply at 8:00am and the specifics as to pre-race meeting and sign in will be coming here to the blog later tonite or early tomorrow.


  3. Buckshot77 Said,

    Any more updates on the road conditions from the last week or so? Have you guys been getting the rain up there?


  4. Chris Skogen Said,

    I will have a partial update on here tonite or tomorrow. I will also have a complete course report on Friday night.


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