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Posted by Chris Skogen On February - 29 - 2012

Here at Almanzo we're big fans of the motto, 'run what ya brung' and in no way would we ever encourage anything else. That said though, if you're in the market for a new rig (especially one that crushes the rock) be sure and check these guys out. We've been riding the RXC since late last Fall and absolutely love it. Quick, stiff and responsive, this thing handles like a dream. Whether it's steel, aluminum or carbon that gets you out of bed, Raleigh has something that will to fit your needs. Maybe it's the RXC or the Roper? Maybe your a high style kind of person and it's the International or the Militis? Don't believe us? Go and test ride one today and see for yourself.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A second sample post to see how everything will look and to see how far the body of text will move over toward the photo. I think it's working rather well, I'm just not certain as to the final layout.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A sample post to see how everything will look


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50 mile follow up.

Posted by Chris Skogen On 6:30 PM
Well that's done.

I think we ended up with right around 60 miles on Sunday and I think I can speak for everybody that went with and say that it was pretty nice to be out and on the bike. There was an incident with a farm dog, but it appears as though there will not be any permanent damage at this point. The creepy guy hanging out in the woods just off the road was entertaining to say the least and the company for the whole morning was exceptional.

The roads were nice and hard and the wind was almost non-existent and with no mechanical problems across the board, I would like to invite anybody who might be interested to join us this coming Sunday (the 23rd) for another go at the St. Charles run. Let me know if your interested, we'll start again at 8 from Dunn Bros.

5 Response to "50 mile follow up."

  1. bloodline Said,

    that's dunn brothers in which city; redwing. rochester, zumbro falls?


  2. Chris Skogen Said,

    It is the Dunn Bros. in Rochester. There are two here and I'll be at the north one that is located just off of North Broadway on Elton Hills Drive.


  3. pedalgrl Said,

    I still have an available right leg - perhaps there is another dog willing to give it a go. I want to go on the ride. However, I will see what time we get back from Cranksgiving on Saturday nite. Thanks again, Chris, for taking us last Sunday. It was great.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    I plan on being there. GBOND


  5. pedalgrl Said,

    Thanks again Chris. Nice workout.


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