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Biking's Rough New Frontier

What's the toughest challenge in cycling? For weekend riders looking to test their mettle, it just may be gravel grinding, an emerging style of cycling that's done on unpaved, backcountry roads covered in crushed limestone, granite, flint, or whatever rock happens to be around.


Salsa Adventure By Bike

Crushing Gravel: An Interview With Chris Skogen

Dec. 10, 2012


Royal Antler

Almanzo 100

How does a man move and shape a culture? Our love of storytelling compelled us to find out, so we dug into the story of the Almanzo 100 gravel road race–the granddaddy of them all. We found that a single man’s passion for community has manifested itself in a bike race.


Dirt Rag Magazine

Fundraiser party will benefit Almanzo 100 January 5

Dec. 27, 2012

Fundraiser party will benefit Almanzo 100 January 5 2013



In Dust We Trust: Partying for Almanzo

Jan.3, 2013

In Dust We Trust by Patrick Murphy


Headset Press UK

Almanzo 100 Gravel Race

Dec. 30, 2012

The Almanzo 100 Gravel Race has been running since 2007 in Spring Valley, Minnesota, USA. The Almanzo attracts upward of 600 entrants, it is also demanding, featuring almost 8,000 feet of vertical climbing and one of the most beautiful, traversing through rural Southern Minnesota farm country – gravel style!


The Bicycle Blog of Wisconsin

Crushing Gravel? Preparing for my first gravel road race

Dec. 6, 2012

Crushing Gravel? Preparing for my first gravel road race


Search and State Blog

Chris Skogen is Saving Cycling

Dec. 4, 2012

Chris Skogen is Saving Cycling


XXC Magazine

Sandy: No Plan B at The Almanzo 100

Oct. 31, 2012

Sandy: No Plan B, Racing the Almanzo 100


Prolly is not Probably

Almanzo 100

Aug. 26, 2012

This is a great event and I dig the registration requirement for the Almanzo 100. Check out this video and if it proves anything, you can be sure that 100 miles of gravel is no easy feat.


Gear Junkie

Debut: 'Almanzo 100' Bike Film

Aug. 24, 2012

Debut: Almanzo 100 Film. In short, Skogen founded this race and helped launch a movement of gravel-road races around the Midwest.  Skogen’s initiative has inspired a half-dozen other race directors to create free or low-cost gravel bike events in the region.


Cycle Twin Cities

Event Recap: Almanzo 100

May 21, 2012

Event Recap: 2012 Almanzo 100


Full On

2012 Almanzo 100

May 20, 2012

The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. The 2012 Almanzo 100.


Gear Junkie

EPIC Award: Chris Skogen, founder of Almanzo 100

April 26, 2012

Gear Junkie and Wenger Honor Chris Skogen with Epic Award


XXC Magazine

XXC Interview: Chris Skogen

June 21, 2011

Chris Skogen is the man behind the increasingly popular Almanzo 100 and Royal 162 gravel grinder races in Spring Valley, Minnesota. By “man behind” I mean he is the creator/promoter/race director of these races. On top of that Chris is a certified gravel grinding junkie himself. Recently had the chance to chat via e mail with Chris about gravel, racing, and The Almanzo 100.


Spring Valley Tribune

Almanzo 100 founder speaks to Kiwanis members about the bike race

May 18, 2011

Almanzo 100 founder speaks to Kiwanis members about the bike race


All City Cycles

Almanzo 100 Debriefing

May 16, 2011

2010 Almanzo Debriefing by Jeff Frane



Race Faces: 'Almanzo 100'

May 18, 2011

Race Faces: . These shots, from David Gabrys of Cycleture, were taken during and after this year’s race, a muddy, harsh 100-mile ride where more than 50 percent of the racers dropped out and did not make it to the end. Mud-caked and exhausted, these images give a peek at the toll the Almanzo 100 can take. —Stephen Regenold


Gear Junkie

Report: 'Almanzo 100' Gravel Road Bike Race

May 17, 2011

Report: 'Almanzo 100' Gravel Road Bike Race by Paul Kumrich


Minneapolis Musette

Chris Skogen: The Almanzo 100

March 22, 2011

Q & A with Chris Skogen: As we chat more, I discover just how much love Chris has for the sport of cycling and find out about his desire to share this with others. After the ride is over at Merlin’s Rest, Chris was kind enough to step outside and answer a few questions for the Musette.


Ride On Purpose

What the Almanzo means to me.

Jan. 30, 2011

2010 Almanzo Debriefing by Jeff Frane


Gravel Grinder News

Almanzo 100 Adds 2nd Event Distance- Announces Registration

Dec. 15, 2010

Almanzo 100 Adds 2nd Distance: Royal 162


A Midway Bikelog

Almanzo 100

May 16, 2010

This weekend i rode and finished one of the hardest and most fun races in my life: the Almanzo 100. It’s a 100 mile race on gravel roads in southern Minnesota, masterfully and stylishly organized by Chris Skogen.


Explore Minnesota

Almanzo 100 Bike Race

Explore Minnesota

The state of Minnesota’s premier source for tourism news features and entry about the Almanzo 100.


Urban Velo

Gravel Road Racing in Minnesota

July 2011

Gravel Road racing in Minnesota Words and Images by Aaron Thomas Smith


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