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Posted by Chris Skogen On February - 29 - 2012

Here at Almanzo we're big fans of the motto, 'run what ya brung' and in no way would we ever encourage anything else. That said though, if you're in the market for a new rig (especially one that crushes the rock) be sure and check these guys out. We've been riding the RXC since late last Fall and absolutely love it. Quick, stiff and responsive, this thing handles like a dream. Whether it's steel, aluminum or carbon that gets you out of bed, Raleigh has something that will to fit your needs. Maybe it's the RXC or the Roper? Maybe your a high style kind of person and it's the International or the Militis? Don't believe us? Go and test ride one today and see for yourself.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A second sample post to see how everything will look and to see how far the body of text will move over toward the photo. I think it's working rather well, I'm just not certain as to the final layout.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A sample post to see how everything will look


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Posted by Chris Skogen On 10:02 AM
Thank you to everyone who rode and everyone who came along and helped out with support! This race was absolutely amazing! We couldn't have asked for better weather or a better, faster course. I know there were some soft spots, but with the finishing times as they were, this years course seemed plenty fast. Thanks again to Bob and the crew at Bicycle Sports, Surly, Cars-r-Coffins, Banjo Brothers, Summit Brewing and Scantrant Designs, without the support from these fine people this race simply would not work. Below is a little photo recap of the days events and a complete list of the finish line statistics.

The images:

The results:

1 - Terry Brannick - 5hrs. 44min. (First Open Mens)
2 - Joseph Meiser - 5hrs. 44min. (Second Open Mens - Tie)
2 - David Pramann - 5hrs. 44min. (Second Open Mens -Tie)
4 - Charlie Farrow - 5hrs. 44min.
5 - Jesse Rients - 6hrs. 2min.
6 - Death Rider - 6hrs. 2min.
7 - Mario - 6hrs. 2min.
8 - Gunnar - 6hrs. 11min. (First Fixed Gear)
9 - Hurl - 6hrs. 28min.
10 - Nick Oswald - 6hrs. 33min. (First Single Speed)
11 - Sascha Boecker - 6hrs. 33min.
12 - Andy Tetmeyer - 6hrs. 33min.
13 - Tim Norrie - 6hrs. 33min.
14 - Kevin Jargo - 6hrs. 40min. (Second Fixed Gear)
15 - Andy Lambert - 6hrs. 46min.
16 - Ruby-2-Shoes - 7hrs. 4min.
17 - Eric Leugers - 7hrs. 8min.
18 - Dog - 7hrs. 13min.
19 - Coholic - 7hrs. 13min.
20 - Dan Hansen - 7hrs. 17min.
21 - Roy Vosberg - 7hrs. 21min.
22 - Tim Bekke - 7hrs. 25min.
23 - Jim Reed - 7hrs. 26min.
24 - Snakebite - 7hrs. 31min. (Second Single Speed)
25 - Brent Wood - 7hrs. 31min.
26 - Brian Dukek - 7hrs. 43min.
27 - John Krolak - 7hrs. 43min.
28 - Chris Prescher - 7hrs. 43min.
29 - JJ Robb - 7hrs. 50min.
30 - Joshua Lavelle - 7hrs. 53min.
31 - Rick Blackford 7hrs. 54min.
32 - Squirrel - 7hrs. 58min.
33 - Ian Nancekivell - 8hrs.
34 - Isaac Giesen - 8hrs. 4min.
35 - Jacob Huot - 8hrs. 4min.
36 - Bjorn Christianson - 8hrs. 6min.
37 - Landon - 8hrs. 11min.
38 - Kid Riemer - 8hrs. 12min.
39 - James McGuire - 8hrs. 17min.
40 - Brad Wilson - 8hrs. 21min.
41 - Dale Dahl - 8hrs. 21min.
42 - Susannah King - 8hrs. 23min. (First Open Womens)
43 - T-Baggins - 8hrs. 27min.
44 - Bryan Cochran - 8hrs. 53min.
45 - Molly Cochran - 8hrs. 53min. (Second Open Womens)
46 - Dennis Mairet - 8hrs. 58min.
47 - Edward Younk - 8hrs. 58min.
48 - Jason Hicks - 9hrs. 3min.
49 - Randy Anderson - 9hrs. 3min.
50 - Kevin Clay - 9hrs. 10min.
51 - David Hanks - 9hrs. 11min.
52 - Brent Bruessel - 9hrs. 13min.
53 - Jose Pascual - 9hrs. 25min.
54 - Garrick Yoong - 10hrs. 28min.
55 - Erik Sudheimer - 10hrs. 28min.
56 - Rooster - DNF
57 - Robert Green - DNF
58 - Michael Fox - DNF
59 - Alex Anderson - DNF

What a day! Thanks again to all who participated.

10 Response to "Congratulations!"

  1. Squirrel Said,

    Thanks for you and your families hospitality! A great event, you guy's did an awesome job! Next year Friday night Alley Cat:)

    Peace my Friend


  2. Anonymous Said,

    Excellent event. Great cue cards (card stock even!!), great route, free beer at the end, and no entry fee. I can imagine nothing that could have been better, and save for injuries or illness you can count me in for as many more years as you want to host this great race.

    Almanzo! Almanzo! Almanzo! ;)

    Brian D.


  3. Iowagriz Said,

    Now I'm bummed that I missed this. Two months ago, I was saying yes, then I spaced it out. Next year I won't miss it, when is registration?


  4. Buckshot77 Said,

    Griz, we'll have to get a group of us together from Iowa next year to carpool up. Definitely an awesome event and for free, you just can't beat it.

    Chris- do you have a link to all of the other pictures? I'd love to steal a few for my race report.


  5. Z Said,

    Nice job with the route Chris. Nice couple of hills around that Masonic building!

    Your cards and other handouts kicked it up a notch for the Ragnarok crew... way to go! Thanks!



  6. Anonymous Said,


    Thanks for all of your hard work to put this event together. It was a well run event. I had a great time rolling over the dirt roads of Minnesota - challenging and scenic. This was my first century on a fixie. My legs still feel like they are spinning. This was my first Almanzo so I have not done the previous point to point versions, but I think the loop back to Rochester made logistics easier. Again, much appreciation for all of your efforts. Thanks !



  7. Anonymous Said,

    Dear Chris: Thank you very much for a great time!!! It was a superior event and a testatment to your committment to cycling at the grassroots level...I am already fired up for next year. It was great that it was free, but I would gladly pony up a donation to help defray your obvious expenses. The route was spot-on...
    Thanks again,


  8. Anonymous Said,

    Who won the postcard contest?


  9. Chris Skogen Said,

    The postcard event was won by Brent Bruessel. I'll post the winning card up here in a couple of days, along with link to the rest of the photos from race day.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Chris, Thanks again for the awesome ride. I loved the course! And yes, my kids had a lot of questions about why I got a jar of rocks instead of a trophy. I told them the jar of rocks was cooler! We'll be back next year, even if I have to drag my husband!



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