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Posted by Chris Skogen On February - 29 - 2012

Here at Almanzo we're big fans of the motto, 'run what ya brung' and in no way would we ever encourage anything else. That said though, if you're in the market for a new rig (especially one that crushes the rock) be sure and check these guys out. We've been riding the RXC since late last Fall and absolutely love it. Quick, stiff and responsive, this thing handles like a dream. Whether it's steel, aluminum or carbon that gets you out of bed, Raleigh has something that will to fit your needs. Maybe it's the RXC or the Roper? Maybe your a high style kind of person and it's the International or the Militis? Don't believe us? Go and test ride one today and see for yourself.

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Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A second sample post to see how everything will look and to see how far the body of text will move over toward the photo. I think it's working rather well, I'm just not certain as to the final layout.

Sample Post

Posted by Chris Skogen On June - 30 - 2011

A sample post to see how everything will look


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Final Course Update

Posted by Chris Skogen On 11:39 AM
Spent two hours and 45 minutes driving the course over the lunch hour today. The actual driving time was about two hours and ten minutes, but there were a few stops that made the whole trip a bit longer. At any rate I can tell you this:

1. The ROADS ARE DRY as bones. The dust was going crazy behind my Subaru today.
2. My best estimation of the entire course would be LOOSE GRAVEL THROUGHOUT.
3. There are clean lines in some sections and none in others.
4. Expect NORTHWEST WINDS in the 20mph area by the afternoon.
5. The farm dog situation should be okay. I stopped and talked with a woman at the house that I thought might be trouble. I told here when to expect the riders and she said they may lock the dog up for a bit.
6. The course will go by WhitewaterBike & Sport in St. Charles near the 25 mile mark. I stopped in there today and spoke with Greg who said he would be opening early in case anyone had to stop for a mechanical or pick up supplies. (The shop is just off of Wabasha Ave (to the left) on Highway 14 (W. 6th Street))
8. Spring Valley has plenty of room along the side of it's streets for those that have support cars meeting them.
9. FOR THE DRIVERS - Please do not clog area businesses for longer than you intend to be a patron - WE ARE GUESTS AND SHOULD BEHAVE AS SUCH.
10. FOR THE RIDERS - Please remember that WE ARE AMBASSADORS FOR THE SPORT OF ENDURANCE BICYCLE RACING. We will be seen by many tomorrow and our actions will reflect how riders are treated in the future.

Most of all, have fun and remember to ride within your limits. This event is intended to be a fun, challenging ride over a course that is both beautiful and intimidating.


3 Response to "Final Course Update"

  1. TOMMY GUN Said,

    How much Summit do you have!?!?!


  2. Chris Skogen Said,

    Summit was kind enough to donate 3 cases of beer. I have 24 EPAs, 24 Scandias and 24 Pilseners. That amounts to about one ice cold beer for every rider that comes across the finish line.


  3. Buckshot77 Said,

    Chris- kiss ass ride today. Thanks for letting us camp in the back yard. Squirrel and I were home by 9. I'm just finishing up a beer and heading to bed. Can't wait to see the final tallies on everything. We'll definitely hit this again next year. Thanks for putting it together and all the work involved.


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